Plot twist he wants me to do the chasing?

I recently went on a date with an amazing guy over a week ago. After about 5 minutes into the date, I felt like I was hanging out with someone I knew for years. I got a text off him after the date ended to see if i got home ok, so i could tell the date went well for him too.

Like majority of girls, I waited to hear from him first. I didn't have to wait long as he text me the next day. He wanted to see me again, but when the time came around he was too tired. I heard from him the next day, and again on the following day. Once again he arranged another date, but when the time came around there was yet, another excuse.

Weekend came around and i didn't hear anything from him, so now I'm thinking maybe things didn't go so well. Until he sent me a text saying "did you forget about me". Surprisingly, he told me he really likes me and would like if I made more of an effort to text him first.

So I send him a good morning text. Told him I had a surprise date planned and wasn't taking no for an answer. I didn't hear back from him. So now I'm thinking he's lost interested. He surprisingly texts me that night saying "what happened to our date, why haven't you text me". So now I'm confused, he wanted to see me but couldn't take 30 seconds to text me back that morning?

We spoke over the phone for the next two, three nights. Once again, I tried to arrange another date. This time I done what he asked, I text him twice, once in the morning and again that evening. I got a very little response, and again he had another excuse, he was too tired after training.

At this point, I'm disappointed. He's the first guy that has made me smile in such a long time, so it's hard to let go just yet. Would anyone be able to tell me what this guy is actually up to and give some good solid advice on what to do? I'm small, long black hair, tanned, size 8 and big into fitness. I never wear too much makeup and put a lot of effort into the way I dress and look.


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  • I think he's leading you on, making you feel special then keeping your hopes up, totally not worth another minute. Try to be straightforward with him and say that you really like him and would want to see him again and if he feels the same, then tell him to come see you at this place at this time, send it 3 times so he'll get the message or if you wanna make sure, call him instead to hear it from him. If he doesn't show then that's your answer.

  • Seems like he's leading you on. From what I read he doesn't sound like a guy worth your time. Again, just my opinion


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