How to stop attracting girls that hit the wall?

Alright, this is very depressing. I said a similar question before but doing it again. Alright, I am 26 years old never had a date in my life. I was basically in mental abuse friend zone relationships. I stop what I was doing and improve myself and just keep getting better. People use to say just be patient, let girls come to you, or it will be easier to date as you get older and such blah blah.

However, being around girls now of days especially around my age or older, I feel like I am in society version of an after party or a Society ghetto goodwill store. Right now, I feel that I am getting more attention than I ever had when I was young but it's towards girls that look like they completely hit the wall! Meeting some girls with rapid aging due to alcohol consumption, Single moms ( some of them are hot but ITS NOT WORTH IT!), Gigantic BBWs, or girls with a lot of emotional depressing baggage.

It's not cool, I am completely turned off, and pissed. I work myself to get better to go up but I meet people who hit rock bottom. Some people get pissed at me that I don't go for people that hit rock bottom then I shouldn't deserve anyone at all. It doesn't make sense though, were where they, when they had all the cool stuff about them, did they care for me? No!

I had depressive times and I work every day to overcome it to get better, but then its like I attract something that will cause me problems in the future if I pursue. You know, all I wanted was a very relaxing relationship, meeting someone natural, upbeat, pretty, fun and cool for a little while but it seems like I am not getting that chance, like its too late or very rare now of days for my age.

Me mentally just trying to come to terms and going with what I attract is fucking retarded. I am better off dropping in a pool of lava.


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  • talk to them more before attracting them, get to know them more.

    • No, thanks! I don't care if its good or bad, I am pissed that I get the leftovers fuck that. I like to be nice but I am not going to be a bitch for women aftermaths.

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    • Sorry, if I am debating but I just want to avoid the bullshit, when I see it. You completely avoided the "complete" question, so I take it that you wouldn't want to do what I wouldn't want to do either. So yeah fuck that shit! I do have like a pet peeve when people tell me to dive into obvious bullshit with some Disney magical terms "Maybe it will be great ;)".

    • I admire your bluntness.

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