Today I had break up with my girlfriend suggest me what to do?


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  • If you are confused, better have rest
    But if you are angry do something to let it go, run, cry etc


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  • Did you initiate it? Yes? Then you have nothing to worry about, except of course you did that to prove a point. But what point really? And if you are confused, then you messed up big time! Did she walk away? And not you? Yes? Then you'll need to give her space for a while, and try to connect again, see if she still has some feelings for you. Get her to say the words, 'never again' and then you're free. Move on. And if you wanted out, well, it's happened. It's time to move on. Occupy yourself with stuff that doesn't remind you of the need to be with 'someone.' Get busy and good luck.


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