Girls, am I ready to have a girlfriend? where I do I start to find one? (never had a girlfriend)?

In September, i have got my first job as my desired position (what i have studied for) since then, 3 months have past. I have the feeling i should have a girlfriend now.

However, i am 9 hours at work and commuting 5 hours a day Monday to Friday. on weekends i do nothing usually. Is it possible to get a girlfriend, even though my day is fully packed? If so how do i get one. what are the potential places i can look/visit at to achive this.

Also, i don't know what girls like and how to talk to them. Also i want to know what a girl expects from me. I don't expect a mega guide on how to do it, but some advices would be nice.

Any help will be Appreciated

Thanks peeps


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  • If dating is something you really want to get into, you must be absolutely certain before committing time to it. Dating is quite an experience on it's own, and the only way to find a suitable match is to test the waters, and get out there!

    You could try online dating if you're busy during the week, talk with a few people who are nearby or within your city. Try to make some friends, and set up some plans. If you have taken an interest in anyone you work with, then there's that option too. Hopefully you will come across someone who is understanding of your work hours, and that committment.

    If you're unsure about how to talk with girls, online dating would prbably be best for you to try. It'll let you get comfortable beginning conversations with girls, as well as seeking and meeting new people through social networking. After a few chats you will be more comfortable, and it won't seem as intimidating.
    Have fun with it, ad don't put too much pressure on yourself to find someone perfect right away. It will take time, effort, lots of ups and downs, but sooner or later you'll cross paths with someone who you match well with. Then see what happens from there.

    Other places to check out besides online / work are:
    - Do some volunteering on weekends. Chances are you will find a couple girls who peak your interest you could get to know
    - Go to community events, there's tons of people who help and atted which will introduce you to new people and new possible love interests.
    - Hit the gym or visit a nature path if you're into those things. You may come across someone there, who you know shares at least one common interest with you

    Most importantly, do know that relationships are a serious thing, nothing is perfect and nothing begins easily. Dating can be for a couple months, or for a few years before you find someone suitable who you want to get serious with. Have some fun and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You'll do well!
    Best of luck!

    • Thank you for the superlong text you wrote, i will follow this advice.

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