I wanna go out with her. Give me some clear tips hear ladies

I wanna get with this girl,But I've never seen her yet...and I wanna be with her...lol ladies just give me some tips.Me and her been talking for awhile and we are pretty cool.but I wanna go out with her.so help me out.


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  • I'd straight up ask her if she liked me. =) but if that's too bold for you, you can just give hints. ask her what she likes in a guy, how would she describe a perfect date, what kind of guy does she NOT like, and stuff like that. it should help you get closer to your goal

  • what do you mean you haven't seen her yet? did you meet her online?

    • Yeaa,but me and her are cool,we text and talk on the phone..but I wanna go out with her ..you know be with her..we haven't hung out yet ..she said we can hangout ..but look I just need some advice

    • I know you need advice but I also needed to know the circumstances. Since it's an online thing and you guys have talked about hanging out arleady, just ask her

    • Yepppp we haveeeee=)

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