Why do women defend not paying for dates so much?

Now that we are more equal than ever, and women are making just as much if not more than men, why do we still have men paying for everything while dating?

I am totally for equality, and want women to have all the opportunities that I have, but I often question why as a man I am still expected to pay and plan everything when dating. Usually it is not until I am actually BF/GF with a women that she will offer to pay, and even then most of them don't expect to or try to avoid it. I have even heard some women proclaim that on anniversaries & valentines day women shouldn't have to pay for anything... Those are COUPLES holidays, not just for the woman. It is also valentines day for him and his anniversary with you as well.

Now I know a lot of women out there are paying more for dates, but overall this is still a major issue after talking with most of my male friends all of them agreed. Most women don't want or expect to pay, and if they do pay, then that is a strike against you. Why is this? I am not expecting sex or a second date, but you are still expecting me to pay for everything...

Just wondering what the thought process behind this is? Why do you think that it's the man's job to pay? Do you think this should change? Not trying to hate, I just really want a good reason, other than "men are supposed to". That is a stupid argument. Also whoever asks is a cop out, you know 99% of women don't ask men on dates.


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  • If I ask a woman out on a date I'll happily pay. On the second date we can either split or she can offer to pay (she usually offers to pay) and that's how things would go from there.

    As for valentines day, it's really about women. Men don't give a shit about getting chocolates or roses or anything like that. In fact we usually want hot sex that night.. So I don't have an issue taking my girlfriend out to dinner and buying her stuff on Valentine's day , because she usually treats me well all year round. It's just a romantic gesture and who care about which person pays if you're in a happy loving relationship.

    • For valentines day, I agree I don't really want anything, but I never really do. The point is the effort involved. Men are expected to spend money and plan a romantic evening, and women just have to give you sex, that's it. I get sex all the time, it's not a gift. It's being a cheap skate. I don't need something expensive, but I don't want to feel like I'm being used.

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