Making the "first move" on a guy who works at a supermarket?

Hey everyone
So I've seen this guy at a supermarket who I thought looked cute, and I managed to find him on Facebook. I was thinking about sending him a message asking if he wanted to chat and explain I've seen him and thought he looked cute - that sort of thing.. I have social anxiety, so I would much rather do it this way than actually asking him in real life (not to mention I have no idea when he works, so it could be a long time before I see him again) but I'm having my doubts.. would you guys think it was creepy if a girl you don't know wrote to you on Facebook? Or is it acceptable? I really don't know. Please share opinions, it is very much needed


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  • It's depends on the guy... I would love that someone will ask me that kind of thing... but if he is more social care he maybe find it weird

    • That's true.. do you think I should go for it then?

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    • haha you sure have a lot of confidence in me 😂 but thanks!

    • One word can change the world

  • Sure, go ahead. You never know.


What Girls Said 1

  • In person is always best but this is not a bad 2nd choice. Be honest with him. Make sure you tell him how you found him as well. Otherwise he may think you are a slalker! lol

    • Thanks for the reply (: And just to clarify, I didn't spend hours searching for him on Facebook 😂 he was quite easy to find actually
      There was a group on Facebook for the people who worked at the supermarket, and I looked through the members and recognized him
      I don't know, is that too much still? 😅

    • No that sounds fine and smart actually. At the very least he will be flattered. But do not start with the cucumber jokes right off the bat lol

    • lmao noted 😂 thanks for the advice!

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