I’m so confused can someone help?

im a junior in high school and I've been talking to this girl for about a month and a half and i went on vacation to see family over Thanksgiving and we snap she snaps me and says "i missed me on the bus today"

then later in the trip she asked me a few times with in the trip "when r u coming back" and i told her when i was coming back, then she said "yay" do u think she might like me? But she like a switch some times she’s all over me hen the next day or week I’ll send her 3 snaps in the time From school ends till the time I fall asleep

and she opens them all but no response, or sometimes she snaps me the ill snap her then she opens but no response, but most of the time she snaps first, and sometime we will go back and forth for a while. I don't know I’m just confused about the whole thing. do u think it would be worth asking her out bc i don't want to fall flat on my face and my embarrass self. Do u think she likes me, or is she just being nice


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  • Girls are confusing but it seems like she's attached to you and she may want a relationship but I would just keep the same routine going until you feel like its right that you should ask her out


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