Being a beautiful man is not everything?

I am a guy who had to start a new life for many times. Running from wars not easy.
Being alone away from family is like you never born before.
So had to move to Germany tow years ago.
I am still learning German language, trust me it's not easy.
But every one who talk to me, telling me that I speak in the moment very good German.
Any way. I had to start my life from being after I lost a great life.
I had a job and things going good.
But I am not happy.
I am alone.
The girls like me. But they don't even wanna go with it. May be cause i am Arabic.
They are just carufl or scared.
Who told this people or made them think like that. I never hurt any one.
I love cats. I have feelings I am a human.
Why it's always so complicated.
I always show how good I am.
But the thoughts in them mind for Arabs will never change.
I think may be I will go to Russia some day and look for my princess.
The German girls don't deserve a good guy like me. They are cold


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  • That is true

    • Ya it's true, I will get famous and make them follow my suit 😂

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