One night stand turned hookup turned now what?


This is is my first ever post ! (Irrelevant but had to)

Basically I met a guy in June he is an aquatnence of my sister that I had on Facebook but had never met , we met at a rave and went back to his and had sex ( I’m 22 he is 24) bit out of the ordinary from my side but was just really attracted to him. From then I went up there every other weekend but t was always me who iniciated everything and most times he would leave me on read yet when I went up I would stay the night and he would want to cuddle etc until I said in October he needs to put more effort in or he won’t see me again so a month passes and he mails me and I replied and went up that night and had the best sex of my life. Now when I go up on a Friday I don’t leave until the Sunday we would get drunk on the fri then spend all day being hungover together... but he never initiates sex after the Friday night nor cuddling etc we always have a good time but after the Friday night it is as if we are just friends. May I add in March he was put in a psychiatric ward for delusions due to taking too much lsd over a space of time and is on anti pshycotics but he has never been in anyway “crazy” towards or in front of me he has been very open about all of this ( in case this is part of the reason why) Just wondering why we would get along so well then I don’t hear from him during the week and why he would not want anymore sex while I’m with him. I’ve never had a one night stand before this nevermind it turn into anything at all... may I add we have crossed loads of comfort zones (farting burping all that shit) is this a sort of backwards relationship forming or am I being played like a niaeve fool? He said at the start he doesn’t want a relationship and I was okay with that but now it’s changed... x


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  • Don't expect normal behavior from someone taking illegal drugs and having delusions. You do seem to be used in this relationship.

    • He doesn’t take them anymore , I just wonder why he lets me stay the whole weekend but doesn’t sleep with me sober , he has done before but I’ve been drunk we have never had both sides sober sex... makes me feel like he isn’t attracted to me when sober but he welcomes me staying the whole weekend , I only mentioned the antipsychotics because I read they can decrease sex drive lol

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    • Some antipsychotics can reduce sex drive, and or, keep him from getting an erection. He doesn't seem very motivated. It's likely you are wasting your time trying to get a real relationship out of this guy.

    • Okay thank you it’s appreciated :)

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  • Maybe he found someone else or he is just busy and doesn't want anymore. There could be many things.

    • Well he has said he isn’t seeing anyone else and neither am I , when I asked him would he sleep with anyone else he said “ if the opportunity arose probs but it isn’t going too” 🤷‍♀️ Just don’t understand how we can go from strangers to this... whatever this is

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    • Maybe he is busy or need some time alone. Give him a chance and see what happens

    • Okay thanks x

  • He told you he doesn't want a relationship and has indicated the same.

    • But why keep me around? It’s as if when we spend the weekend together we are a couple then not when we are apart , can he act like this because he likes me but all this is unexpected that’s how it is for me I don’t want a relationship yet but I need to know if it’s headed that way lol

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    • Could be lots of reasons. Maybe he has a low sex drive. Maybe he needs alcohol to be into you. Maybe he wants you to take a hint and now stay the whole Saturday but doesn't want to say so. I couldn't tell you 100%, but he is not acting in a way that shows any interest in developing a relationship. You should have a look at why you want a relationship with someone who doesn't want one with you. Work on your self esteem and start pursuing other people.

    • now=not.

  • A one night stand is a hookup...


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