Is it possible for a boyfriend to think that you’re super attractive, yet think that you’re not attractive to other people?

My boyfriend always tells me how hot, sexy, and beautiful I am, but he never tells me that his friends find me attractive except for one time when he said that his friend thought I was “hot”. I feel that perhaps he might believe that other guys don’t find me attractive since I’m a few extra pounds and I don’t have a perfectly fit body.

Is there any way to know if he thinks that others find me attractive?


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  • Does it matter if his friends find you attractive? I would consider this a non-issue in a healthy relationship. Shouldn't it be enough that he thinks you're beautiful? I think only a person with an unhealthy jealousy attachment or deliberate trophy SO would dwell on whether his or her mate was attractive to others. I don't think there's anything unusual about his thinking, but there's definitely something unusual about yours. Just relax and enjoy each other.

    • It does to me. I care about how I look to everybody and I don’t want to be with Someone who thinks that he’s the only one who finds me attractive.

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    • One friend told him I was hot and then on another occasion, another friend while drunk said to him “She’s not as pretty as you say she is. Just kidding.” Right in front of my face.

      Do you think this makes him think that I’m not attractive to other people? Lots of guys online find me attractive. I get friend requests from random strangers every week who inbox me to just compliment my physical appearance. But, I care about what he might be thinking, you know?

    • You might suffer from narcissism. If your preoccupation with how others see you ever causes problems in your life, and I'm sure it will, don't hesitate to seek help. I gotta go. My vanity limit has been exceeded already. Again, good luck!

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  • Yes it's possible, but why would he tell
    you that anyway?

    • How could I find out?

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  • why do you care what his friends think about your looks? that's the real question here

    • I care about how I look to everybody. And I don’t want to date someone who may not believe that others except for him don’t find me attractive.

    • men don't talk aboht each other's girlfiends like that. if i were to compliment a guy on his girlfriends looks it would probably end in a fist fight. if that one time when he mentioned that a guy thaught you looked good it was to test you to see your reaction, maybe there's evem a suspicion involved. he will not tell you otherwise.

    • So you think he was lying?

  • ^ SifuDoge

  • sure. nobody is equally attractive to everybody.

    • How do I know if that’s how he feels?

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    • That I know of. Another friend while drunk said “ She’s not as pretty as you say she is. Just kidding.”

    • Why are you so obsessed with finding out if your bfs friends find you hot? It shouldn't be so important to you xD

  • Picture?

    • I don’t upload pics on here.

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