When it comes to dating sites and apps, a lot of girls really aren't trying to meet their match, are they?

Seems to me like they aren't. I'm not saying that every girl should like me or anything. Not at all. But when I put up a good bio, good photos that represent me well, and I get very few matches, that is odd to me. I'm not obese or ugly, I am a hard worker and earn a good salary, drive a new car, I'm very responsible with my money. Lots of good things here, and not looking for hook-ups.

Half the time I want to just have a good conversation with a girl through these apps and I don't even get a response.

I really want to get down to the issue here, why (few) girls will match me, but then not even reply to my message, or will even message me, I reply, then no additional response. It's just so frustrating. And these are pretty girls. Like I said I don't think I'm ugly. It just seems like some ELSE is going on here.
I just want to be that impressive guy that has it together for a girl, that she can't take home to her parents and feel proud of. Offer something of substance. But are most girls really looking for that? 🤔😕


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  • What do you think girls are looking for?

    • Seems like cheap thrills and hook ups, easy guys to hang around and leave when the time comes.

    • Interesting.

    • Just kind of seems like you can't be too? put together I don't know.

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  • For the most part, I think all of social media is used to feed women's ego's, whether it be Instagram or a dating app. The only guys that have success on those apps are probably the extremely good looking ones, not just the ''good looking'' ones.


    • Lol this is great! 😂 Good point of reference ahaha

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  • Yes and no. Everyone is looking for "the one" in some way or another. Some are taking it very seriously while others more casually. The thing about online dating is that it makes the selection pool so much wider and deeper. As we still live in a society in which men are expected to pursue and women are expected to select, this means any given woman is often bombarded with potentials from any given site on any given day. Many of them are completely undesirable, but she still has to sift through all that garbage to find a decent dude. A reasonably intelligent woman will easily recognize that given the width & breadth of her pool, if she found 1 decent guy, she can likely find more, and probably even better. So if a woman seems a bit aloof, she's still gauging options and you probably haven't really impressed her yet. This doesn't necessarily mean she's polyamorous, that's a possibility too, but it's not necessarily the case. The nice thing is you can usually get to the bottom of her intentions and yours within a couple of emails. The bad thing is, buttholes outnumber good folks 1000:1 online.

  • you have to understand them. most girls are just spammed with dick picks and hookup requests. they stop taking it seriously pretty fast.

    • So wouldn't it actually be obviously a good thing if I'm not like that?

    • how would they know you are not like that? i mean your text is probably one among 1000 dick picks and fuck boys. they don't even get to read it. life sucks being a guy huh? xD

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