I really want to start dating again/move on but I still have feelings for him?

I really want to put myself out there again and want to date and possibly find a partner. I'm really motivated to find someone but I'm just conflicted because I still have feelings for this guy I used to have a thing with. It feels pathetic to me cause we never even dated but the chemistry we had was real when we were together. However, things aren't going anywhere with him so I know I have to move on. Am I doing the right thing or is this wrong to date since I still have feelings for someone? I know at the end of the day it's all up to me but I just wanted to see what others thought about it.


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  • Why did the previous one stagnate? I mean was it just a friendship that you caught feels for or was it actually a romantic arrangement?

    • Well originally I'll admit it was a friends with benefits situation but eventually it escalated to something more in which I saw a different side of him which I caught feelings for. Then he just disappeared and then a few months contacted me again but then disappeared again. I know it sounds like I was ghosted but I don't understand why he would reassure me that he was always there for me and all that but then when I need him he wouldn't answer my texts/calls.

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    • Did you not read the part where I said it escalated into something else? And during that time it was clear that we weren't friends with benefits anymore bc he called it off.

    • I read that part but you're not following what I am saying. It's entirely possible he never moved past the friends with benefits part, not emotionally. If you want to pursue him, find him. Get some more answers or get him back but it doesn't sound likely.

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