Help me please?

Someone asked my crush's friend if my crush likes me. He said no. His friend and I hate each other, and his friend also mentioned a rumor about me while answering if my crush liked me.

I think my crush likes me. I don't trust his friend. My crush is nice but his friend will say anything to ruin someone's day. Today, my crush talked to me noticeably less, but usually he says random stuff until I laugh and today I didn't laugh and so he said random stuff all through class?

I think I felt him touch my hair and back and I asked if it was the sixth today and he said yes in a nice voice. I asked for help on a paper and he helped a little too? But he usually talks to me a lot.

In the class after that he didn't look at me that much and he usually is constantly looking at me?

I know this is really small and shouldn't be a big deal but my friend was the one who told me my crush doesn't like me and I don't know if I should trust that or not? She lies a lot tbh and she likes him too so I kind of think she said that so I'd back off and she could have a chance with him. I know I sound immature but she constantly gets all the guys she likes and I really like him and I just wanna know if you think she was a). lying b). his friend was lying to hurt me c). he really doesn't like me d). he does like me and both of them were lying.


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  • My god underaged kids are weird, to think I was this young, although I don't touch random girl's hair, I was too busy watching super hero cartoons... I digress, uh lady fam, pink anon, underaged kid it sounds like this is just a weird moment in your life. Prolly nothing will happen but I'd not worry about it too much. Older you will prolly thank me years later


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  • Go on and tell your crush that you have feeling for him, be mature, if you ask me, i would rather to have a hard time telling the true to my crush than just swallow all this b***hit. You're not gonna lose his friendship and if he doesn't like you, the sooner you're gonna move on. (Btw, i stick to "B")

  • he does like you and both of them were lying


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