I have a crush on a guy who is 17 (2 years younger than me) but how can I tell he likes me back?

We work together. He's having his 18th birthday party this Friday.

-he always stands really close to me, even when he doesn't have to.

-I feel like he uses any excuse to talk to me.
;like I went to pick up my check once and I was mid convo with another coworker and he interrupted and asked how school was going. Even though I've never talked about school with him.
;he also complimented my lanyard even tho its old and pretty lame.

-after asking about my school, (university), he told me he was applying for college there and asked if I would talk to him if I see him there next year.

-another one of our coworkers asked me what's the youngest I would date and I said 18. So now he says "well. I'm 18" as a joke.

-he also started calling me Nessa, as a nickname.

does he like me?
I'm too shy to just ask him.


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  • If u look at him and he keeps looking at u and if he is close to u a lot


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  • Just be forth right. Be an adult and say hey, do u like me? But I would date young. They are usually stupid. Think of all the mistakes you made at age 18.


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