Why is this generation of women (mainly) terrible?

I'm talking about girls that are like 18-30 right now. All of them that I've met have been horrible people generally, except for one. There is one girl who is great and we've been friends for a couple of years now. There have been girls that have been okay acquaintances as well, I'm not saying they all suck. Mostly just the girls I've dated/tried to date. They can't reject you straight up. They have to say yes and blow you off, or say yes and then ghost you inexplicably. They get some sick satisfaction out of it. They date you and it goes really well then they instantly ghost you. They lead you on for a month and then ghost you, or you get lead on for a month and realize she's been dating a guy for two weeks. The awful permutations of f**kery just never end. I'm done dating. Trusting women is impossible.

Had an OkCupid profile for a while, thought I had some interesting conversations going with genuine women. Went on dates with them and decided they were either just not my type, or it went great and then I never heard from her again. I'm about to finish my Master's degree (in one more week after finals!), wouldn't think it'd be this hard to find a genuine woman nowadays. Try to treat them right, get into interesting conversations. I could lose my virginity to a whore but no thanks. I'd rather stay a virgin than keep wasting my time and emotional strength on all of these chicks who couldn't care less about me. How do guys even do it? How is the birth rate going up? Who the heck knows. I've tried to do a lot of introspection and I genuinely don't know what I'm doing wrong and it's so frustrating. Thankfully I find happiness in other parts of life, but finding a nice, interesting, attractive girl is all but impossible this day in age. Thank God for my family and friends.


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  • Those are not women. Those are salivating, mouth breathing, fidget spinning little girls who like to play with boys and aren't ready or equipped for a serious long term relationship.

    • Too bad these "little girls" are 22 or 23...

    • That's not too old. You still have hope.

    • I guess so. I've tried really hard, it just seems like no matter what I do I just get ghosted. More dates than not have gone well, and pretty much every time at the end of the relationshippy type thing it ends with her just not talking to me for no reason. That's pretty inhuman to do that to someone in my opinion. Pretty hard to have any respect for them when they clearly saw me as a free date and nothing more

  • What master is it?
    Maybe if you try to become a doctor girls will stop ghosting you.

    • Biomedical Engineering, I should be doing okay financially. I'm not going to date a girl because she sees my wage as the main reason to do so... that's just demeaning. I'm not going to date unless she genuinely likes me as a person.

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    • Yes, I live in Massachusetts

    • Okay

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  • Because men are overly thirsty doormats who let women run amok.

    • So then what is the correct/successful approach?

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    • I mean someone could advocate for it MGTOW is actually already working on that... though they don't seem to be spectacularly successful.

    • Yeah it's doubtful. I'd love to live in a world like that tbh. Maybe that's sick, but I think it'd be awfully interesting to see how the tables turn

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