What should I do with her?

Like her a lot, we have been friends, she admitted to liking me first. Went on quite a few dates and asked if we were "official" she said give me some more time. Week later, I ask her and she doesn't know. She said she still really really likes me, and asks for more time, I hesitantly agree. We spend the next morning together, I didn't ask her at all, I was just giving her time (she asked for another week), and over text she tells me she just wants to be friends (this is after multiple dates and so on), saying she didn't want to ruin things, etc etc. Then she said she'd be distracted from school and is having fam probs etc.

I sorta am pissed she was with me all day, but sent the text after I left. She texted me again asking to talk in person but I declined. After her messaging me non stop I finally agree. I ask her for an answer again and she said no, but she said she still really likes me, she's just confused and scared its too much stress. Again I walk away and she texts me again asking to talk, saying she does like me, and to just give her "time". She said she's exclusively talking to me, she really likes me, she wants to continue talking to me, but she doesn't want to date offically right now.

I asked my friends and they are confused, because all she talks about is me, she has a wallpaper of me, and always is with me, yet she rejected me. Any thoughts?


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  • I am on the road now but


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