He wants to move in but I'm not ready?

We started talking around 4 months ago. Dating for 2. Known each other for 6 months. I just lost my two best friends, we had a bad fight. He was cheated on by his last girlfriend with his best friend, earlier this year, so he understands.

The night I moved out of the house I was in with my friends, he said we should move in together. I'm living with my parents again, 18 years old. He's 22. I said it was too soon, especially after losing the friends I trusted for so long. He said maybe in a few months, around May, we could start looking at places or talking about it again.

That's our 8 month mark, in May. I'm an introvert.. It's hard for me to make new friends, let alone date. He's the first who wanted to exclusively date me. I'm not sure if I am just worried because I've never dated before, or if he is rushing things. Maybe he's ready, but I'm not quite yet.

I'm afraid of being hurt again, especially after just losing my best friends in part because we moved in together. I was afraid he wasn't serious for a while, but it seems he is, as this wasn't the first time he's brought it up.


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  • If he cares for yuou truly, he will respect your decision to stay with your parents for now


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  • If your relationship does not depend on this one issue, I would say that you should wait until you feel that it is right. Don’t do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing.


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  • 8 months isn't long I, d stay with parents till ure ready

  • Don't do something you're not comfy with. Take your time to decide :)

  • Just take your time and wait until you're ready.


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