Who is in the fault? I need serious advice?

My older sister has been suffering from depression for years. Mainly because the whole family tried to control her... growing up she was a handful... talking back.. cursing.. yelling... drama starter. Now i always stood by her side cause is my sister. My older brother and young sis turned their back against me and ditched me as soon as i moved out because i didn't stand in their team of goin against my sister. Everyone abondend my old sis and she in a mess... she is 31 and has nothing... no man... friends... no fam... no children and no one ever offered her help or invited her out to do something... she doesn't want to talk to me either... who is in the wrong here?


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  • Let her talk to few guys, you can suggest her names and number


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  • There is no doubt in me your older brother and young sis are wrong.

    If you would like me to I can list the reasons below.

    Now there are other sides to this story that I don't know of, so I'm only judging this based off of what you wrote above

    • they feel like their childhood was ruined because my sister screamed her way through it... but then again she is still family

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    • but do u think i can trust her?

    • I can't answer that question without more info. But I know I will never entirely trust my sister probably ever

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