Mind games or transparency?

Which is your approach and why?

I ask because of recent experience, conversations among friends and online platforms of all sorts Bad and good advice is everywhere. Majority of the people who are seeking any type of relationship seem to want honesty and truth but when it comes down to it, I feel like it turns into mind games. Why? Seems like it's a battle of control. You do to me so I do it back and it becomes a never ending game. Is it even a useful tactic? What are your thoughts? Which is your approach and why?


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  • Transparency! Mind games just fuck with peoples heads


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  • I’d prefer honesty over mind games any day. I wouldn’t like for my time and effort to be wasted. I’ve experienced this issue before and I find it very annoying.

    • Agreed! Same here...
      I ask because I was recently listening to a podcast and this dating guru was talking about how to get someone to like you or something along those terms. If you want a person to chase you, you basically have to be cold. If it's a guy, they love the challenge. If it's a girl, you need to be a bit more subtle, and say communicate with her a few times then ignore her for a day or two. That makes her become addicted to you because she's not getting the attention she wants as constant as she wants. I'm like why? And other people who called in were agreeing. I mean it relates to a lot of other situations but that's what sparked this question.

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    • I agree that it works, but if you like someone, why play all these games you know? Like you said, it's a waste of time. Trust me that crap has worked on me also but I tend to become the honest a**hole and then they don't like it and cut me off. I was too cruel but they weren't cruel by playing mind games. I just don't get it.

    • @Scatter_brain for some it's reflexes, they are not spending time on thinking what to do,

      Also every one say be logical, be truthful but everyone also wants to be treated like they have never done anything wrong, so if I say anything blunt on your face, u will fight me no matter how small it was

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  • Direct from heart

  • Can u explain clearly, cuz u seem to be confused

    • I'm asking what is your approach or opinion on the subject matter. Some people in relationships are brutally honest and come off as assholes. Others tend to play mind games and tell you what you'd like to hear however their actions say otherwise. For example, say your partner did something that hurt you. Would you be honest and tell them, "This is what you did and it bothered me," or do it back to them so they know what it feels like.

    • I will be honest but not brutally, will play little mind games to create an environment and then tell by manipulating little bit

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