Would you ever want to ruin someone's intimate relationship or marriage?

Just trying to understand why (adult) boys and girls think it's okay to become a homewrecker or ruin someone's relationship.

Would you do it if you found out you had feelings for someone in a relationship or is married? Would you do it for fun?

I try not to be judgmental but I really despise people for doing that.


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  • No, never. Golden rule. You NEVER hit on someone who has a boyfriend, husband or whatever. NEVER accept any kind of intimate relationship with someone like that.

    Once someone is in couple, that person had a big "DON'T TOUCH" sign above his head. Unless you're an asshole but that's another story.

    • Then why do suckers still do it?

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    • I feel kinda honored by that compliment ^^ I do my best.
      And you apparently are made of the same wood, which I greatly appreciate.

    • Thank you. Yes it's a compliment! Have a nice day sir~

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  • Personally no. However I did know someone (female) who gave me her point of view as she was the "mistress" of a married guy. She didn't want a commitment whatsoever and it worked out with this guy because neither did he. In her own f*ked up way, she figured that if he ever tried to make it a more "formal" or "serious" thing, she could use the excuse of telling his wife to scare him off. Stupid really. I asked her why didn't she just casually date or find someone who wasn't committed. She said that the tried but they all developed feelings for her and that's not what she wanted.
    As far as men go, I can only say what I've been told. They like the sense of fun and adventure. I asked then why get married? They could never respond...


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