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We've went out once before and kissed. I asked her out again on a Wednesday. She says okay and to remind her. Saturday comes and i say i'll be picking her up. She doesn't respond. I go to her place and ask is she's coming. No response. 1.5 hours later she says "sh*t sorry i fell asleep".

I see her at the bar hours later. She has her hair done. This is the first time I've seen her like this. She doesn't come up to me and say anything. She only does so when she sees me flirting with a hotter girl.

Just curious, what is the psychology of her doing her hair that night, after rejecting me? (like i said, I've never seen it like that and i see her often). And does her text seem sincere? Like she wanted to amend things? I've heard a girl who is actually sorry will offer another time.


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  • I'm not sure what this means, but she doesn't seem like she's very into you if she ignores you in the bar while you're there.
    And doing her hair has nothing to do with you trust me, if a girls does her hair it's because she saw a cute picture of it or she simply wanted to.

    • She never ever does her hair. She did it on this specific day though.

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