Guys help out what do I do?

What does it mean when a guy says nothing makes him happy including his girlfriend (me) but yet he 10000% wants to marry you still


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  • Did he specifically say you don't make him happy? Or did he say nothing makes him happy and you're assuming that applies to you as well?
    If it is the later, he's probably depressed and feels lonely.

    • He said nothing makes me happy... and i said even me? And he turned his head and said NOTHING makes me happy... and i said what can i do to change that... and he said i dont know

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  • My partner does the same but he suffers from some depression

    • What do you do?

    • You should get him to go see his gp and speak about a mental health plan or getting accessed for depression. Then you take it one step at a time together and understand his not himself...

      If you can messsge on here feel free to messsge me

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  • He may be really depressed and i'd tell you to send him to a professional.

    Still, it probably means that even if he's depressed, you're still the best thing he has in his life.

    • He won't go to a professional he hates doctors and medications trust me i have tried

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    • Try again. Once is nothing when it comes to that. You have to convince him. Push him to his limits. Make him accept it even if it's just to stop you from asing him over and over again.

    • Sigh i will try

  • Sorry I don't understand the question

    • How can he want to marry someone he's not happy with who can't make him happy

    • How sure are you that you can't make him happy?

    • He hasn't smiled at me in over a month and I've tried everything that i could I'm running out of options

  • He maybe have depression the you have to love gim and search the problem with him

    • I do love him 100%

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    • Me too

    • You reported your opinion anonymously i can't find your profile 😂😂

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