Is He Testing Me by Purposely doing Such Stuff?

I had been talking to a guy lately that once liked me but i wasn't into him back then ( almost 18 months ago) . It was no contact period in between.

When i asked him if he still likes me he just said I'm nice but he doesn't want to rush into anything.

He talks to me for somedays and then he suddenly vanishes for days until i initiate the convo again.. and says oh sorry i had been busy..

He would be nice and casual mostly but would suddenly randomly flirt a bit at times.. it's confusing though...

He even said something sexual yesterday that shocked me because i wasn't expecting something like that from him... i didn't reply to that though... i thought he was a good guy..

Is he trying to play games bcz now that he knows I'm into him?
Or is he just not into me anymore... :/
Or he's just another jerk lol?


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  • When a guy gives you sexual hints, he´s not a jerk. He wants to see how you think about him and not like in a sense where you don´t matter but he just wants to get laid.
    He´s definitely interested in you and the way to do it would be just like he´s doing. If he was texting you 24/7 he would just look desperate. If you want to try to be with him, ask him out and see how it goes. So yeah to answer your question, he is testing you

  • A small secret about us men: almost ANY girl we once had a crush on can reignite those feelings in us again with ease just by telling us they feel the same way. Even if it's years later. That being said, I have no idea why he's behaving that way.


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