Why are gurls Hesitant to try new guys?

Why are girls in general so hesitant and reluctant to try new guys? I mean unless you are open you cannot know what he is and can't get the most compatible partner for you..


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  • past trauma, standards, shyness, his baggage, old loves are safe cause you know them-fear of unknown and getting hurt, emotional sensitivity... getting ysf in situation that could be awkward if it turns out u have to reject the guy, intuition, idealistic, they want mad love not tryouts...

    • And how will you get that unless you explore

    • well I wasn't talking about myself, I was just saying what usually limits people
      for me personally I relay on my intuition, it haven't failed me if i was truly honest with myself
      Id give a guy a chance if I feel the connection with him and if not no, but that is just me, cause I never got interested in the guy if we haven't had any attraction from start
      If I dont find someone appealing fromthe start I know there is nothing for me there, its not somethign that are just looks, but his overall energy, vibe and my first impression of him
      But I dont say that should apply to everyone, often people judge wrongly but for me it proved to be true

    • Makes sense, I do the same

  • i have social anxiety


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