Shoud I agree when he say to be friends?

Well.. i knew a guy 2 weeks now and was amazing dates and chat asking me for relation.. and in a sudden when our friend started to talk with him and interfer he changed saying he want to slow down
Or even not speak for couple of days to see how we feel
I didn't agree thought we should know each other more.. though he agreed.. he said to our friend he is very happy with me but annoyed bcs i refused that..
Anyways.. he even sent evem if he said he won't
And after some days i asked to speak bcs things mixed and he was flirty.. and huged..
But he did smething bothered me to the point i left upset
Thought our friend told me he said he won't text or talk to me... he did lol
Bcs i told my friend ill not bcs he upset me
Now as we spoke by chance he said we can hang out... with people not alone and i said will see
Today in morning i wanted to tell him that better not interfer anyone... he said (nvm its over we r friends..) and i explained him he took it like that... he said he can take as he like
I like him soooooo much but i dont understand him why he send after saying he won't... lol
Then friends...
Wt is better to not show needy? Should i say ok that mayb he is right and b friends? Wt can b said to make him think again?
Suggest pls
Thanks :)


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  • Don't end your friendship. Try to be good friends with each other and then make him realize that you are the one for him. Maybe ignore him for few days? If that works out
    Otherwise just go and say whatever's there in your heart. Tell him you're ready to wait ( if you are ) and he can take his time. Ask him if anything is bothering him in particular? Try to be there for him. Ask him why it all changed so suddenly in the span of two weeks. Don't get angry on him just a relaxed, comforting conversation would do. 😁

    • Yea we spoke about things. the reason is that he is confussed and he had some issues.. Maybe 2 days agowe spoke...
      He was understanding... but then he did upset me with something i left upset.. to the point he told our friend that he will not ever text me or talk nd called me crazy.. lol
      And he just did the next day... :o
      That even our friend was surprised... this is the 2nd time he say he won't talk nd he did...
      And today while texting telling him better not involve anyone... he said its over... nvm we r friends...
      I was sad but i didn't show him...
      And i felt i need to stop imediately
      Now i dont know if i wait 2 days or smthing as u said
      Or later text him that. Yes he is right mayb to stay friends... im confussed...

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