Girls what's better?

With or without a beardGirls what's better??Girls what's better??


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  • The beard makes you look older, clean shave makes you look younger. Choose what ever you are going for.


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  • I might use a picture of you without face paint but I'd say go with your little beard

    • Okay so what kind of reaction u want out of this? It's pretty pathetic that ur 30 and still try to make a 20 year old feel bad about him self😂😂

    • I said go with the little beard cause I thought it looked good, I wasn't trying to hurt your sensitive snowflake feelings. But what difference does it make that I'm 30 and your 20? Were both adults, were not kids anymore it's just the same life for the both of us until we die.

    • Lol ï just expained to u that I don't care 😂 u should be the more adult is what I'm trying to tell u but it's all okay😂

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