Lunch dates are quick way to Friends Zone?

Are lunch dates a quick way for a guy to place himself in the "friends zone," or is it just another way to get to know each other? I ask because I have been to lunch with an amazing women a few times. We spent a night holding each other, but things just don't seem to "take off." Seems that even though there is the simple flirting, and we are finding ways to impress one-another, it isn't going much further. Maybe my patience is lacking, but did I make the mistake of going to lunch too soon, placing me in the category of good friends? This has all happened within the past two weeks mind you. Is there truth behind Van Wilder's simple rule? Never go to lunch, its the quick road to the "friends zone"?

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  • I would give it some more time and really get to know the woman a little more before losing hope. But I would definitely make an attempt to communicate your interest more, as it sounds like you both haven't made too many moves in that area - which is way more important than what time during the day you hang out. Best of luck to you.


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  • i think lunch dates could still lead to romantic encounters down the road . I recently had lunch with this hot girl from college and I viewed it as being an escalation of things although we have yet to ever have sex . but I don't normally have lunch with any girls yet alone attractive ones so it seemed like a big deal at the time

  • Pretend to choke, and see how they react. That's how you know if they really care. I've done it.

    • HAHA! Much like the old joke. Lock her and your dog in the trunk. Let them out in ten minutes and see who is happy to see you. Not really. But past that, I was trying to figure out if there was truth behind this thought.

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