I've never had my first kiss

I have no idea how I am supposed to kiss a guy I really like, when we start to go out he's more experienced than I am I just don't know what to do since its my first. do you have any tips?


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  • Yeah, I agree with Tazzy and was about to say the exact same thing - just let him lead and you will be ok. Just allow yourself to respond to him naturally. Don't think you have to try things that you are not feeling confident about trying for your first time, such as French kissing (unless you are responding to him), but just be yourself and allow it to come naturally, as I stated. If he is a gentleman, he will respect you and your honest responses to him.


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  • Just don't try to do anything fancy! Kiss the back of your hand softly. That's how you should do it.

    Your question reminded of this girl I had a long time ago, who thought she had to throw in her tongue all the time, everytime! Freakin turn off, I kept feeling obliged to suck it haha.

    Let him lead you and just follow. If you can remember that simple rule, you'll be fine! And keep in mind, to a lot of guys, a girl who doesn't kiss well because she doesn't have experience is a turn on! Let him know in a casual way after your first kiss [not right away though].


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  • been there =O

    i had my first kiss in a church=O lol

    and my Boyfriend was 18 and I was 13 =$

    i had noo ideaaa what tooo dooo

    i was like wit my eyes open lmaof

    but when you kiss do it slowly guys like that =)?

    and just hold his lip with your mouth but not to hard

  • Don't think to much about it . . . You'll know what to do when it happens. . . It'll be natural. Just don't get slob all over his face.

  • Use your tongue, but don't slob him down unless yall are into it.