Girls, Should I be worried?

Should I be worried about not receiving a good morning text? I've been talking to this girl I'm not sure how things are going because she gives me all sorts of mixed signals. Are routine has consisted of either myself or her sending a good morning text. Well last night I sent her a goodnight through snapchat. She opened it about an hour ago and I haven't heard from her. I want to tell her good morning but I also want to see if she is still interested. She started feeling sick yesterday so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Should I be worried?


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  • Stop... leave her alone. Don't be "that" guy. If she is sick or sick of you don't keep bothering her.

    • I don't think I've been bothering her. She's only not said anything this one time. But I did end up telling her good morning, and wishing her a good day. She said thanks you too. I was stupid and asked if anything was wrong. So I'm guessing whatever we have is over now ☹️

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    • Haha it didn't take long for her to text me telling me how she doesn't want to do this anymore. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it

    • Not a problem!

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