Girls That Have Cheated, Had The Urge To, Or Just Observing Other Girls and Understood Their Motivations, What Makes You Want To Cheat?


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  • Well I’ve wanted to cheat every time my boyfriend mentions women he has liked in the past or women he thinks is sexy. Or even sometimes when he watches porn. Why? Because it makes me feel sad and angry. Like he doesn’t think I’m enough. I’m still young and hot and I get hit on in the streets a lot and yet he doesn’t appreciate me. I start to think should I find a side guy so I feel appreciated more or should I lust after other men since he does to other women.

    I stop myself and I’ve also told him how I think and luckily he’s shut up with talking of other women. I don’t really care if he watches porn or not as long as he fucks me more often then he watches porn. I want to be his priority.

    Things are going better now that I let him know my feelings :)

    • Sup thanks 4 Answer !

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