Is this girl playing games?

Went out with a girl. She agreed to a second date. Then stopped talking to me for four days. She texted me on Tuesday and i asked when next week is she free. She said her last final is on Monday. I asked if she wanted to go out on Monday after her test or Tuesday night. She said she would let me know it depends on her work schedule. I said no problem, and i invited her to my college gradution party. She said it would be a honor to come. But now she hasn't talked to me in two days. Is she playing games? I ask because she doesn't really give me straight answers. And doesn't talk to me for days at a time.


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  • She's not interested. Don't text her anymore. If you're lucky, she'll text you. If she does, say you've found someone else (Even if you haven't) Tell her you got the impression that she wasn't interested, as you were turning me down when asking to go out.

    • I only text her when she texts me. I never double text her. Finals are done on Monday after that im see if she still acts the same way if she does im move on.

  • is she a female?

    then yes

    she is playing games


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