I've seen a girl I like but don't know what to do?

I'm some one who earns to have a long relationship but all the gals that come seem not to believe they the only ones I love and that leads to a break ups. Buh I've found this babe but I don't know whether to hold on or make the approach cux my zodiac sign is aries and I don't think we can get along quite well


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  • Don’t base it off your zodiac. That has nothing to do with it. Also, maybe don’t refer to girls as “babe” until you’re actually in the relationship. If you yearn a relationship so badly, you need to fully invest in it. Approach her. If you don’t click you don’t click, and if you do, great!! You won’t know unless you try.


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  • bruh lmfao

    these hoes not 4 u try men


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