If a guy keeps pictures of his ex on Facebook and says he goes back to them every now and then and reminisces, should this be a point of concern?

My boyfriend and I have only been together two months. Before me, he had been dating someone for five years, off and on, and then I think he said about a year and a half gap of nothing in between. He says he’s completely over his ex, but he’ll bring her up every now and again when something reminds him of her, and he says sometimes he looks back on photos they took together and thinks back on their time together.

I’m wondering if that means he’s not completely over her and maybe I shouldn’t take this relationship as seriously and just continue enjoying it for what it is, but have zero expectations? If he gets serious about me, can I anticipate that he’ll delete all those eventually? Would most guys get rid of all old photos of an ex at that point? Or would they just keep them up there?

Candid/completely frank answers welcome. I’ve always appreciated the honesty from users on this site.


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  • honestly it really doesn't sound like he's over her. 5 years is a long time. I just got out of a 5 year relationship and getting over someone you are used to being by your side isn't the easiest task ha! trust your instincts..
    I hope this helped.

    • Would a guy normally remove all old pictures with an ex at some point if they are completely over them? Or are some guys just lazy about removing those photos and they just keep them there?

    • I deleted all of mine almost as soon as I knew it was over for real. if I had hopes for things to work out I would probably hold on to those pictures, texts, etc.. he might be lazy who knows.. read his emotions when her talks about her or when she is brought up. see if he gets more excited or happy?

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  • Yeah, I would break up with him. To me that is a deal breaker. You shouldn’t be reminiscing of past relationships. At least not on a regular basis.

    He doesn’t seem to be over her


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  • It's weird yes. I wouldn't be around this guy anymore of I were you.

    • So you would say if a guy gets over a girl completely, they’d normally remove all traces?

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    • Im just saying.. its not very usua..

    • Ah okay. Thanks for your insight!

  • thats normal... its five years you can't just expect him to forget it was still part of his life

    • Right but I’m wondering if he was over her, would he remove the pics? Or are some guys just lazy/don’t care about that?

    • no he can be over her annd still have the pictures because they are still 5 years of his life he's not clinging on to them so much as having a memory

  • When you have sex with him he imagines his ex in your place.


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