The deal is this- I started an emotional affair 5yrs ago with a Gemini. We've been off and on ever since- being a physical or emotional crutch for each other without any expectations when we were both single.
A few months ago though, he broke up with his girlfriend. Obviously he turned back to me, etc... while it was fun I told him I was looking for some sort of commitment. Daft considering he had just had a bad relationship ending! But I wasn't going to lie and say I was ok with friends with benefits when I wasn't.
So, he ran and I didn't hear from him for weeks. Then, I bumped into him in a pub and ended up going back to his new place and spent the night. I woke up curled against him, both his arms wrapped around me so tight I could barely breathe.
This has happened twice- both times he has ignored me immediately afterwards. No texts, no calls, etc. So I went and talked to his friend... he told me that my guy had been warned off me by his ex or else she would cause hell for him seeing his kids (we both have kids- never been an issue).
His friend thinks that my guy is afraid of commiting to me because he is afraid to lose me in a relationship- that I would just walk away in the end. he's afraid to lose his freedom, his music, his cars and his social life. He is just very afraid...
I backed off a week ago. Left him high and dry to give him some room to think.
Last night, I went to a pub with a male friend- and my guy was there. HE made the move to come over and say hi (literally scared the crap out of me because he suprised me), shook my companion's hand then wondered off... next thing I know, my companion has gone to the bar and my guy goes over to begin a conversation with him! Does this sound like my guy cares? Maybe even loves me? Or should I just continue to walk away and not look back?


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  • Sounds like something out of a movie.

    • Thanks 😂 but I assure you it's not. This is my life. Any further insight to help me?

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    • This may not be the best advice. But I've had a somewhat similar situtation with a woman i dated. Not quite the same. But some similarities. Best of luck.

    • Your a beautiful woman. Dont feel that you will have a hard time finding a good steady guy.

  • lmfao


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