First kiss: How do you nail the timing (and make it feel spontaneous)?

When you're in public with lots of people, it would be hard to get a first kiss in. And something like a museum doesn't seem like a kissing friendly venue. And sitting in a car and talking and saying "let's continue this conversation in the backseat" is an awkward transition for a first kiss.

How do you get a first kiss in, and make it feel spontaneous and unforced? I know the signs: if they keep looking at your lips and lean toward you if you lean toward them, it's a clear sign, but how do you get to that, when you might not get privacy?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hard one...
    I guess if you get all the signals (leaning in, looking at your lips etc), it go for it no matter the setting.
    Asking isn't a turn off as well. Something like "hey can I kiss you now?" It still feels natural and at the same time you ensure that she is ok with kissing you in a public place (because not all person are comfortable with this).


What Guys Said 1

  • The key to make it feel spontaneous, it's to let it be spontaneous. If you force it or continuously try to look for signs, it will only generate anxiety that will lead to an awkward first kiss. The answer is simple ladies and gentleman, LET IT BE.


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