Can I ask him out?

My guy friend and I are currently involved in a romantic relationship. When I say romantic, I mean we cuddle (and more) and he has said we are more than friends, in a subtle way. He is very shy and I want to know if it would be a good idea to ask him out. Not as in boyfriend and girlfriend, just on a date. I just want to lead him in the right direction, because he is new to the dating scene. Should I ask him or not?


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  • Dude... you cuddle already. just suggest you do it else where.
    You say he is new? he is probably trying to be "smooth"... or not get rejected (amateur cunt)...

    Just buck up and be like..."Lets go to that pizza place down the street"... then at the pizza place... go " I like you, i want you to be my boyfriend... now im gonna kiss you"... then fucking do it.

    Hint: people don't cuddle with people they don't like.


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