Im not sure if I have to bring the condoms or not to this possible future date with the guy Im attracted to?

It be our 3rd date together. So far we have not been intimate before at all and in those dates I never brought condoms at all, just making out at the end of each date, but I know and he kind of hinted me he wants intimacy if we see again next time he told me back then during the 2nd date.

The thing is this , in our second date he told me that he does not like to use condoms cause it does not feel the same, Ok I know all guys say that, but I do want him to use one on me, as it be my first time, and I dont want any unplanned pregnancy surprises later in time, especially when I know neither him or me wants kids (therefore I dont know why if he knows he does not want kids, why the heck he does not like to wear them) so I was thinking to buy some myself and dont tell him I bought ones during our date and make it a surprise for him so he won't have and excuse not to wear them or should I tell him that I bought some? just in case we do go and have our private encounter, if we dont have intimacy that day for whatever reason of course I just keep then in my purse and dont show him anything or mention anything I brought some.


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  • Sounds like a good plan. He should honestly get it himself. But you're getting the ball rolling. Good on you for being safe and smart.

    • The thing is it be my first time at all with him or any other guy in the past, you know im a V and since im a V im not under any other BC method for the moment as I never needed to be under one anyway so I dont want to get pregnant on my first ever sexual encounter at my age. But he told me as a reason not to wear one "I know how not to get a woman pregnant" but he never told me what way but I did not ask him either at that time. I dont know if he is referring to the pull out method WHICH IS NOT 100% RELIABLE.
      I mean a condom and lube may cost only $10 and it is cheap in comparison to a unplanned pregnancy that will cost the woman her entire life.

      So tell me which one you would choose?

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    • I mean I hope the guy is smart enough to know that beacuse im V im not under any BC method, because of my V status.

    • People only know what you let them know. So yeah, communicate. I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck.

  • I would had expected from someone of your age to know already. Anyway considering that you are clearly not taking it slow, maybe you should bring some.

    • What I meant is do I have to tell him I bring some or keep it better as a surprise. I want to take it slow Im just saying just in case it happens, especially when he won't bring any condoms as he does not like to use them so he won't have in his mind at all to bring one.

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    • It's more to do with age then experience. Do you have children? if not, it's might be your last chance, so you would be lucky if you get pregnant from him. Still you acting as if it's going to happen anyway, with or without condoms, also let's be real, you wound not want to spend your money of it, if nothing is going to happen. Anyway you are overthinking it, except for STDs, there is not big risk in both options, and children is not a bad thing, especially if you don't have a mindset of a teenager. :)

    • I DONT HAVE children and I dont want to have. The guy also do not see children in his future

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  • Bring them. And condom safe lube. Better safe than sorry.

    • Oh, and tell him NOW. You require condoms - no exceptions.

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