How to resolve love triangle?

I like this guy and he likes me back. He also likes our friend and she likes him back also. He said he can’t choose because 1. He doesn’t know and 2. He doesn’t want to hurt either of us if he did.

She and him have been friends for longer but him and I have done more intimate stuff.

What should I do?


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  • Nothing but remain and maintain the friendly relationship that you have with him without putting any pressure. The choice isn't for you to decide who he should date/like better, as his feelings should be genuine in the sense where he shouldn't feel forced to choose either one of you.


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What Guys Said 3

  • hunmm thats a hard one. either tell him to make a choice or do a 3some together you and her choice

  • easy. polygamy 😊

    • I’ve thought about it tbh but it’s not our thing lol

    • appreciate that. if its not, you guys will have to choose, and someone will get hurt. but thats a part of life :/

  • Sounds like a threesome waiting to happen


What Girls Said 2

  • if he can't choose then he doesn't really like any of you that much...

    best to stay friends if he can't decide.

    • You think so? :(

    • We did agree to stay as friends... but the way he looks at me is tempting sometimes lol.

    • I just think that if he can't choose after a certain period of time... then yes

      but it can also b that he doesn't want to choose to not lose any of you as friends.

  • No. If he had strong feelings for you, he wouldn't have been falling for your friend... or other way around. Better to just stay friends.

    • He liked my friend first and then me :(

    • In that case. It means he liked you more than your friend... but if he can't choose, or he's full of doubt... then his feelings for you aren't strong enough to commit to you. So my advice is... neither you nor your friend should go for him anymore, cause his feelings for you or your friend is meaningless... I'm sorry

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