Called him by mistake! Help?

So this guy flaked on me one too many times and was inconsistent with texting so i decided to delete his number, and delete him from my call list. Whilst deleting from my WhatsApp call list I accidently called him. Even though I cut it off anyone who uses WhatsApp knows that a call connects immediately so he would know that I called. I sent a messaging saying it was a mistake but he’s probably going to think I am doing it to grab his attention. I wasn’t! What should I do? Block him maybe?


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  • Lol, just don't worry about it. And ignore any attempts he makes at contacting you. If I were you, I wouldn't block him, because it might be fun to see how this messes with him lol

    • Yeh! For real, kinda! Maybe best to see if he replies then ignore?

    • Yes, just pretend it didn't happen and continue to ignore him.

    • I feel sick

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  • if you for sure don't want anything to do with him, block him. Simple as that.

    • I feel petty blocking him but I guess I was deleting him anyways

    • why go through unnecessary stress and continual torment when you can simple eliminate completely?

    • True

  • He just not in to you? No, in matter of the hearth... It takes time... Think about having your best friend ? It is possible you engage in years after years? I don't think you would delete his or her phone after a summer vacation...

    • Yah I have to agree in certain terms but I do think it’s slightly different when it comes to romance. You’re not worried your best friend falling in love with someone else. Dating is a race of sorts-May the best man/lady win, so to speak.

    • That is vanity...

      Did you know:

      Reality is that 10% of light can be perceived in space while on earth we hold at lease 8hrs...

      My point is unite in the vantage point of mindset...

      IF YOU stay guarded distraction is sure to come ramping as each of you will stay in there comfort zone!

      When both of you are right!

      The fact is we try to change people for suit our fancy. (our own convenience)

      So you come in a romance covertly out of reasons...

      Both side can hold unexpected circumstances which will have both of you a run for their money...
      Reason will only support your intuitions...

      I all the years I have seen many person become conflicted

      e. i. My intuition says danger but my heart say go?

      In any relation !
      Think about it ! Let's start as young as fist grade when you were a kid heading to school there was; panic, excitement, fear, denial, shame, guilt, rejection, blame, opposition frustration, protest!

      By the day end only a few of those moment were hard and painful!

    • You get the point yet you push on...

      You take the time to know you as obstacles what construct you have Reinforced of the years adjuste learn create Move on...
      Due to your choices where the wires get crossed is self- expectations and compensation out of inner-aim concern in facing the invisible statue quos of life style if a nutshell and what not tallied with competion and self validations...

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