What to text him so he invites me over?

Met this guy last Saturday. Had a blast. Madeout. At the end we both expressed the desire to keep in contact and see each other again.
The following morning of our meeting he texted me he really liked our time together and wished me a good day at work. I responded with a similar message.
Two days later I texted him saying I thought of him (because of something we talked about during the date). He was responsive. He then asked me if I get a few days off work sometimes. I told him that I get quite a few days off. He replied saying that was good and that he hoped we could see eachother again soon.
Now he is in the final week of his session at university so I know he is crazy busy.
But the weekend's coming up and I would really like to see him again!
We've seen eachther once so I don't want to seem clingy. And he hinted multiple times he was way over his head with his exams and all. So I am kind of afraid to text him asking him if we could meet up this weekend.

What would be a text I could write to him that would strongly suggest I want to see him now and not in a week? Like something that says I am free and up to come see him whenever he wants but without me sounding like I am waiting around with no life whatsoever.



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  • Tell him you want to watch a movie together.. you know.. movie night


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  • Send him a few sexy selfies and ask him if he misses you?

  • text him ur pussy is wet and ready for some dick

    • Hahaha
      Pretty straight forward
      But I don't want to sleep with him yet so I am not going to text him that ;)

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