How to know if he likes me or not?

So basically I met a guy who I was interested in, I took his number, followed each other on Insta, and we started talking.
He would ask questions whether I have a boyfriend or not, compliment me, ask me if I'm married or single and so on.

Whenever we met up he would take glances at me, smile at me, come and sit next to me.

Then all of a sudden he told me to not text him anymore.

For a while he didn't text me, but never deleted my number either and always checked my statuses.

Now he's began talking to me again and was asking me if I've ever been in love, he's in love with someone etc.

He has sad love songs and quotes as his WhatsApp status sometimes. Other times he leaves me on seen.

Does he like me?

On the other hand, I noticed he unfollowed one of his followers on Insta and unliked all her pics and she deleted the comments she had posted on his pics too.

Around the same time he started talking to me again.How to know if he likes me or not?


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  • According to me
    It's clear that he likes you and he controlled himself by not texting for some time but he couldn't stay far xD
    You just continue texting one day he'll ask you out.

    • But if you liked someone you wouldn't leave them on seen? Plus it feels like he likes this other girl too

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    • Is she his girlfriend or someone else?

    • He said he has a girlfriend

  • It seems he lost interest


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