How to not blow it?

I am not that bad at talking to girls, but i usually open up too much and end up scaring girls, i am really romantic, but i dont get a chance to show it, how can i change my approach to girls without changing who i am?


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  • Well maybe let the girl steer the conversation a little. If she doesn't say much personal stuff in the beginning maybe hold off on it too, but if you see her opening up a little bit then just kind of open up a little too. I can understand when a girl doesn't want to be bombarded by a guys problems so early on but I'm also a kind of girl that just opens up way too soon. I've learned to share a little bit at a time whenever a certain topic arises. Start off with more light hearted things and if you know each other well you can also talk about deeper things. I hope I could help. Good luck!


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