What does it mean a girl backs away from kissing you on the first date?

So I matched with this girl on OkCupid. For some reason was very insistent on setting up the date the very next day cause she has exams from the 8th to the 20th of December.

I decided to go with the flow and we met up at a cafe she suggested that was near her residence at the university. We greeted each other and she said it was her first official date and that she was nervous. I told her I haven't been on many dates either and that I can empathize with her.

After ordering food (she wasn't hungry) I ate food and we really started hitting it off. We realized we had so much in common and she ended up inviting me to her philosophy club that she had later that day. I went with and talked about our interests and family lives a lot more and then left.

Then we went to the university lounge where we talked some more and she said she said it was getting late. I offered to walk her to her residence and once we got to the entrance it was awkward. I didn't say any than she asked if I wanted to come in (cause it was cold out?).

We talked a bit more and then she said she was gonna go to her room and I said okay. She said I had her number and we can talk later. At that point it was super awkward. The motherload of awkwardness. I nodded and proceeded out the door (one way, exit only door).

I decided I was being stupid, stopped at the door (she was down the stairs on the way to her room) and then decided to text her (see screenshot).

She came back up, opened the door and asked if I'd kissed someone before. I said no. She told be to come closer and to kiss her. I leaned in and started kissing her (hmm mints, she do that for me? ). While kissing her someone knocked on the door and we stopped kissing to open the door. Then went back to kissing (I was doing it wrong). She stopped and said the place was too public.

I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere private to which she said "I gotta go". I said "awkward".

The next day (7th) I sent her a follow up joke and she replied. What next? What does it mean a girl backs away from kissing you on the first date??


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  • She isn't comfortible with you justyer and your taking it too fast on a first date which can be a turn off so you might wanna say sorry just in case

    • If you were dating me, would you want me to say sorry? I feel guilty about asking her if she wanted to go somewhere private. She may have misunderstood it as a hookup. However she did ask me why I'm not into hookups cause it said so on my profile.

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    • I met her on OkCupid, so literally just a day. But it's rare to see someone who has so much on common with me. I guess she felt too guilty and put off telling me. Oh well... Life goes on 😢.

    • Awwrh :/ tbh you need to know her for a good coule of months and calling stuff then meet her :) thats the key :D ok so next time just talk for couple of months then meet her up or anyone :)

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