Should I ask her out- Advice guys and girls please. ?

Hey guys and girls.

There's a special lady I'm interested in - she works at the gym I go to at the juice bar, but only on Sundays. We've spoke and flirted with eachother the past 4 Sundays. From asking her movie preferences, to me actually saying "I'll take you for dinner one day." All these interactions have been positive.

My problem is, I recently lost my job. I am currently looking for another job, and do still have some (not a lot) of money coming in. But, I'm also afraid she really won't want to go out with a guy that doesn't have his stuff together and needs to watch his money. Honestly, if I heard a woman was going out with a guy that didn't have a job, I think that's not right.- Like how, why?

Part of me is thinking leave her alone or keep lightly flirting to buy time till I find another job, but ultimately keep my mouth shut about liking her until then. But since she interacts with a lot of guys at the gym and in her daily life, I don't want to miss my chance! And I don't want her to be sitting there thinking is this dude ever going to ask me out, come to the conclusion of no and move me into the friend zone while I'm looking for work without knowing my feelings toward her.

I'd at least like to take her out, and get to get to know her outside the 10 min convos once a week. If that goes well, I would definitely like to start a relationship with her so not just 1 date quitter.

Any advice will certainly help. Especially, since I'll be seeing her this Sunday at the juice bar.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally I don't think she will care much if you don't currently have a job as long as you're putting effort into looking for one. Most girls aren't that shallow. She will probably wonder why you're not asking her out if you've been flirting a lot and you might miss the chance soon to be honest. Just be confident in yourself, being in between jobs doesn't make you a worse potential partner


What Guys Said 1

  • Ask her out, go for coffee, walk in a park, etc.

    • Thank you for the advice. Also do I keep the job situation under my hat, or be up front and honest with her?

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