A guy doesn't answer my text, but sends me snaps?

So I have been talking a lot with this guy for the last month and finally next week we are going on a date. Or, I don't really know that anymore. He said he was coming home for Christmas (I live at the same place as his parents) and he said we had to meet up. He then asked when I was avilable and I said a week ago that since I am a student I am flexible so I can make it work. Between last week and now we just have been snapping and texting on snapchat. So yesterday evening I sent him a text asking if he wants to meet a day next week since he is home then, and he didn't answer. I don't understand anything.. I thought maybe he was busy because he works a lot, but then a few hours ago he sent me a snap.. He has also opened my snaps. He has just seemed so into me and saying things like that he can't wait to see me and stuff like that. Sometimes it takes him like 6 hours to answer my texts because of work, but never over 24 hours like this. Is it possible that he just forgot about the text or is he suddently not into me anymore? Would it not be strange sending me snaps like nothing has happened if he doesn't want to see me anymore? Oh my.. I really like this guy and I have been alone since my ex who I used to live together with left me 1,5 years ago, so I haven't really dated since I was like 16 and I feel really insecure about this..


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  • If he sends you snaps he might just want in your pants. Just being honest. My brother is like that. He's now a dead beat dad who fuck any shank that will open their legs.

    • He texts too.. It was on text he asked me when we can meet and that he looks forward to it and so on. He also askes what I'm doing and he talks about work and stuff on text. So It's not like we usually just snap.

    • Keep an eye out, because some guys are great manipulators. I just don't want you to fall for the guy if he doesn't want something more, you know?
      I hope everything works out for you guys though.

    • Yeah I know. Dating is hard..

  • It's possible that has a bit insecure about the hole thing and doesn't know how you feel about him..


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  • If you know he uses snap, why not ask the question to him there? When he sent a snap did he acknowledge your previous text?

    • I know I can ask there, but I don't want to ask him the same question a day later if that makes sense.

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    • Just a funny snap. Now he also texted me on snapchat and it's like he doesn't know that I'm waiting for a reply on my text? Should I ask if he recieved the text? It just seems like he has forgotten about it.

    • I’d ask the question as if you never asked it before.

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