Do I text her or no?

Ok so a girl at work gave me her number but wanted to give me her Instagram, and we’ll i dont have one... so she gave me her number randomly. I didn’t ask for either.

So wanted to check out a New restaurant in town, is it ok to invite her or is that weird?

Any help is appreciated :)


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  • Well if she gave you her number then you should ask her out! It's not that often that a girl takes the first step so seize the chance ;)

    • Haha seize the chance I like that!!! And you’re right, thank you for your answer :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • you say "wanted" without a pronoun. Are you referring to you or her? Assuming it's you, you should. If she gave you her number and you get along, you for sure should

    • Ah you’re right! And I meant I wanted to check out a restaurant haha. But yeah we got along and she did give me it, so I probably should huh?

      Thanks for your answer mate :)

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  • not weird at all. invite her, what r u waitng for!!

    • Thanks man, you’re right! I just wanted some extra opinions just in case haha.

    • you're welcome😉

  • she's into you

    • Haha I don't know about that lol!! But I am thinking of asking her out to eat.

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    • i think instagram first step these days number second

    • I agree! Either way I’ll ask though bro, appreciate the advice though.

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