Getting a girlfriend?

I don’t like going out in bars and I’m not too much a sociable guy also I don’t like apps like Tinder how can I meet girls?


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  • Join clubs, events, volunteer, do a sport, join a gym. All sorts of stuff where you could meet people but also better yourself.

  • Be yourself and be brave to come up to us in public

    • Being myself doesn’t seem to attract any girls

    • I think thats easier said than done. A lot of times girls are with their friends, and the last thing they want is for a guy hitting on them. Right? I have the same problem as this guy.

What Guys Said 1

  • You meet a member of the opposite sex by accident. Just go to places and do normal things. If you buy something, try not to buy it on Amazon or ebay, go to a store and talk to people.

    • Going to a store is not going to do it I will only talk to the cashiers

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    • Oh and I think girls like guys with a decent figure.

    • Yes, me to, but one day I just snapped, LOL!!! I mean when you realize that it could be the last time you ever see that beautiful girl and simply HAVE TO say something to her... Anything! I myself have had bad luck. Like I've said here before, the more outgoing I got, the less girls there were. It makes it worse these days when things are expensive, even fixing vehicles, living on your own or trying to, blah blah blah. So many excuses.

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