How to get over MAJOR trust issues?

I've always had trust issues.
I've been with my fiance for almost 6 years and I still have troubles letting myself trust him 100%. Normally in the past, i'd just sabotage it before I had to worry about someone else fucking up. I've tried sabotaging this relationship in our very early stages, it never worked. He always stuck by me. So for that reason, it makes me sick that I still snoop in his phone, assume the worst when he's late, etc.

I don't know if it's from being screwed over so many times by people, having an anxiety disorder or what. I don't want this problem to be a problem anymore.



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  • Sometimes inner problems can create reallity. Three steps of human cleanup:
    - Fresh air (walk to forest away from roads)
    - Clean Water (osmosis filter or spring water, try to drink a lot)
    - Good food (Fruits, vegetables, full of vitamins and non processing requires.
    - Remember who you are (sometimes to feel your real feelings you should be alone with yourself, cause very often we forgetting ourself, losing our sences and panicking without any reason).
    2 weeks and all gonna be good. Can you mess me after? Thank you.


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  • Explain your mental state to him and seek professional advice, you'll need him to lean on while you work through the issue through therapy. No one here can help you and he can't either, your best bet is seeing someone who can help you work through the disorder.

  • Hey i have the same problem. I've got this concrete wall built because every chick I've been with i mean everyone of them hoes cheated on me they were not ride or die bitches. It would always happen when i would have to go off to rehab or went to jail for the weekend now every time i was sentenced to prison i would tell my woman before Court that she is free your life should go on go be happy maybe one day in future if it is meant to be we will run into each other

  • Out of curiosity how did you try sabotaging the relationship?

    • In our first year of dating i'd constantly go to parties and ignore his calls and texts, cheat, flake on plans, etc.

    • Wow, you are hardcore. Since you're trying to overcome this major trust issue, why don't you try something like master slave thing. Tell him to be your master and give you orders. You probably will do them unwillingly at first but eventually you'll learn to have complete trust in your master. And that trust will transfer into your normal life as well.

  • You don't. And good 4 u. Never trust anyone, people are assholes.


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