How to subtlety tell your crush that you're single when they seem to think you're in a relationship?

So the guy i have a crush on may or may not like me back, but I think he thinks I'm dating someone else right now. Simplified long story... I liked a guy I met a year ago. He asked me on a date then. We live hours apart. Date didn't happen until maybe a month ago. It was more of a whole weekend hanging out with friends before going on a date alone the last day. I realized I didn't feel much of a connection to him when we were alone and he inadvertently pushed my "uncomfortable with this level of intimacy" button. So I had to break it to him that I didn't feel the same (which always sucks on both ends, and I feel horrible for him). My current crush happened to be with the group and I on the trip and seen me hanging around my 'date'.

So how should I go about telling him I'm available when he probably thinks I'm still dating that other guy?


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  • Tell him about how awkward you found the other date to be, and be like "well I knew from that first time hanging out with him that it wouldn't work between us" or something

    • I don't think we know each other personally enough for me to just bring it up, and I'm pretty sure he's never going to ask me about my dating life.

    • Then that's probably what you need to work on and stop worrying about the other part as much. Show him that you are interested, give him a chance/reason not to think you are already in a relationship

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  • Simple, text him start conversation. Drop hints that you like him , sexual conversations are best for that, and he will realise and due to the law of attraction will probably like you back.

    • I'm not exactly text or message savvy like most people my age group. It would be extremely unusual behavior on my part... but maybe I could work into it slowly somehow...

  • Maybe let a joke or something slip about being single

    • I feel like that would be extremely rude to the poor guy whom we are both friends with and whose heart I kind of broke.

    • Oh he's in the group too

  • Tell him I'm free on weekends

  • Tell him directly


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